Antique Slot Machine Price Guide Referral Program



We are the #1 site that is dedicated to antique coin operated devices and where individuals go to sell their antique slot machines and trade stimulators.

In the past, we have sent these referrals to just a few folks.

We are now allowing for anyone to register for leads.

Curious about what kind of leads have recently been generated? Click here to see the last 10 that have been sent out. All contact infomation will be blocked out though.

If you sign up for the "buck a lead" program ($100 for 100 leads) we guarantee you will get at least 100 leads in a 12 month period. If you don't we will refund you $1 for every lead that falls short of 100. Only get 75 leads then get $25 back!

Think about it. How much do you pay as a finders fee to a picker? Probably at least $150 per machine. Here is an opportunity to get 100 leads for only $100. If you end up with just one machine from the 100 leads then the $100 you spent has more than paid for itself.

If $100 is too much you can purchase 10 leads for $30 or 20 leads for $50. Of course, the best deal, by far, is 100 leads for $100.

If you need more information do not hesitate to send an email to